Press Release: The First Picture Book for Kids Obstacle Course Racing is Here

December 2, 2019




NEW YORK (December 2, 2009) – When athletes of all ages participate in the popular sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR), they are transformed from the time they cross the start line and run through the finish line. While conquering obstacles, participants test their physical and mental strength. The sport of OCR is full of grit and camaraderie.


Written by Justin T. Manning and Simone Waugh, Medal Club Kids: Winner’s Circle is the first of a series featuring students at Stanley Academy who learn lessons about friendship and perseverance through Obstacle Course Racing. In Winner’s Circle, Zoe is a young girl who confronts her aversion to physical challenges, as well as members of The Medal Clique -- a group of students who have created a hierarchy based on their ability to excel in all challenges. When her best friend Kenny joins the Medal Clique, Zoe embarks on an adventure to train and complete her first Obstacle Course Race earning her first medal and win Kenny back. While competing with Zoe, members of The Medal Clique learn the value of being a good sport on and off the racecourse.

Illustrated by Elijah Rutland, the spirit of Obstacle Course Racing comes to life on each page. Medal Club Kids: Winner’s Circle is a sweaty, muddy, and fast paced book perfect for teaching kids about sportsmanship, hard work, and anti-bullying on the playground and beyond. The story goes beyond the last page for readers. Kids and their families can earn the Medal Club Kid virtual medal when they complete any distance above one mile (based on their age).


Medal Club Kids: Winner’s Circle is available in paperback on,, and several online platforms on December 2, 2019. 

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Age Range: 0-10 years old

ISBN: 978-0-578-61561-5

Paperback: 36 pages

Publication Date: December 2, 2019

Published by Medal Addict Press, Medal Addict, Inc.


About the Authors:

Justin T. Manning and Simone Waugh are the Co-Founders of Medal Addict, Incorporated. Together, they have created a community that shines a spotlight on athletes of all levels, who are achieving on and off the racecourse.

About the Illustrator:

Elijah Rutland is an illustrator, sneaker artist, and designer from Macon, GA. He is the creator of the Black Rolf meme and is most well-known for his work under the name "Fix My Sole," which he has been operating since 2015. Elijah is also currently studying graphic design at Florida A&M University.

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